Triad in the Making


There's a wrong and a right... but can there be two rights?

Joanna Smith didn't expect time and space to warp around her. Really, who does? But when a dapper gentleman suddenly pops into existence during a bloody firefight, she doesn't really have time to question it. A hop, skip and a teleportation or two later, she's in the middle of a love triangle with two warlords deadlier and hotter than sin, and a reptilian race out for her blood.

Just another day in the life, right?

Eredin Greole and Rago Merive are no one's definition of friends. The Haverin lords have only one thing in common - their desire to be Templars, the holy protectors of their warrior race. But a Templar is not permitted a mate, the one thing every Haverin desires. When fate drags the bitter rivals to the opposite end of the universe to meet their fated right in the middle of their duel, something's got to give. Is it the feud, or is it the bond they're fated to share?

Or maybe the Lord Templar will kill them all before they even have to decide. Or the slithering reptilians. Options galore.

Triad in the Making is a Celestial Mates series stand-alone novella.A dash of matchmaking, a hint of the forbidden, and plenty of steam make for a sci-fi romance quick read you won't want to miss!