Ribbed for Her Pleasure


1. Download app
2. Get matched with a melting hot alien
3. Post results online

It's supposed to be a joke. Everything is all fun and games until introverted Jenna, professional YouTuber, accepts the challenge. As soon as she downloads the app she's whisked away from her life and cat, stuck on an inhospitable alien planet.

Biast is a seven foot tall, ripped Zmaj complete with wings and a tail. All his friends have found their treasures, the mates they will spend their lives with but Biast is still alone. A meddling cherub strands him on a strange planet with an exotic, sexy human female who's soft and curvy.

Can something as outrageous as time travelling, intergalactic matchmaking really bring two totally different species together?

Ribbed for Her Pleasure is part of the Celestial Mates series but should be read as a standalone! You'll recognize the hot alien-dragon from The Red Planet Dragons of Tajss series. This quick and dirty novella proves love does conquer all.