Alien Gladiator's Mate


Can these two mates live together in harmony?

Carina is tired of working hard with manual labor to help serve the now broken down Earthís society. She wants to have new experiences. She knows the only way off the planet is through Celestial Mates, the mail order bride service, so she decides to sign up.

She finally gets selected and gets picked up by a spaceship to take her to her new life. Little does she know, one of her friends who has always had a crush on her, climbs aboard the spaceship as a blind passenger since he doesnít want to lose her. But heís captured and sold as a slave for the gladiator arena for the aliens.

Garízul was once the commanding warrior officer in the Delgar forces. But when his own family is killed in family fire, he decides to leave the force and become a gladiator in the interstellar fighting arena.

He misses his family and since he can never get his own family back he decides to create one of his own. Though he has no intentions of looking for someone himself. So he decides to go through Celestial Mates to find him a human wife from Earth.

Carina needs to figure things out with her new mate, the big blue warrior, Garízul. Getting adjusted to the new life in the new world isnít easy.

Will Garízul be able to get along with Carina enough to keep her as his mate and wife? Will Carina be able to tolerate her mateís career choice? Will she be able to save her friend from his likely death inside the arena?

Alien Gladiatorís Mate is part of the Celestial Mates series and is a standalone, full-length science fiction romance novel. There are NO cliffhangers, NO cheating, and a guaranteed happy ending!